Smilodon ('cuchillo'-' tooth 'in ancient Greek) is an extinct genus of saber-toothed felid subfamily of macairodóntinos. It is the descendant of the genus Rhizosmilodon . One of the largest male of the species is Smilodon fatalis Could weigh up to 300 kg, rivaling the modern tiger for the title of greatest of all time félido. Appeared in North America in the Pleistocene. The best feature is its huge Known canines, que make it one of the best Known by the public generally prehistoric mammals. They are sometimes called "saber-toothed cats" (vague term Have Been Because there other saber-toothed cats That Were not related) or "saber-toothed tigers" (also incorrect Because neither Were tigers). They hunted many large mammals like  bison,

Smilodon fatalis Sergiodlarosa

horsescamelIce age deermuskoxground sloth and mammoth.

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